Monday, July 26, 2010

DESIGNER GENES - The "Boyfriend" Cut

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Well, big changes, starting with my new look. Technology and I are not "compatible." One day I open my blogsite and voila! My cutesy wallpaper has disappeared! For two hours, I begged and bartered with cutestblogontheblock to restore my old design, but alas, unless I change from "unleaded to diesel" there's no going back. Such is life. No do-overs or retakes. I hate that. Besides, the "new and improved" version suits me better.

Second big change, and a major one at that, I have renamed my book (pause for moment of silence to respect the passing of "The Program," which will always hold a special place in my heart). I felt I needed something with more spunk - eye popping. Because my book centers around a program that dabbles with manipulating the genetic code, "Designer Genes" was hatched from the one corner of my brain, not crammed with "stuff." The subtitle, a work in progress, The "Boyfriend" Cut, fits (sorry for the pun) the context of this first book, in that the story centers on the relationship of my heroine and the three gorgeous, sexy, hunks she must choose between. (Don't you love fantasy? To have such a dilemma!) The process of elimination of "boyfriends" played nicely into the fact there really is a "Boyfriend Cut" in designer jeans. And there you have it. The birth of a new title.

Last leap of faith? I entered a writing contest. Can't tell you which one right now because if anyone is stopping by that's affiliated, I may disqualify myself. In any event, I've learned, the hard way, that when a door closes, you shouldn't spend too much time banging your head against it trying to force it to reopen, because you'll miss the breeze blowing from the open window behind you.

When I was standing on the "ledge" ready to jump, realizing my parachute had more than a few holes, I had to make a choice. Stay where I felt safe and comfortable, or kick the dang box out of the way to make room for expansion.

I burned my box and jumped. I won't know until August 31st if my landing will be smooth or rough, but it doesn't matter. This is what I set out to do - get Marli and Jordan's story told to any listening ear or perusing eye, and keeping it locked inside my computer (and head) wasn't going to accomplish that. So land on my feet or butt, at least someone (who matters in this hellish publishing game) will see what I've written. Laugh or cry (or hurl their dinner), I will no longer be stationary.

Thanks again to my angels, Kaye, Karla and Sascha who did a crash course in editing, taking my submission down to the required page length. We chopped a few "arms and legs" but in the end, it read much better. I was proud to hit the scary "SEND" button.

Kudos to the Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America! They came to the rescue with my formatting questions. What a great support team I've joined!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

- Joelene

Thought for today: If you don't jump, your feet will never leave the ground and you'll miss out on that moment of time when you're really free and "flying."