Monday, August 23, 2010

EPIPHANY: Revelation

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Tonight I discovered how badly I want to be a published author. While fame and fortune would be beyond wonderful, I really want to be "immortalized" (and while remaining beautiful and young at the seductive bite of a handsome vampire sounds appealing, there would always be the "blood" thing). Years from now, my posterity can go to a library or download on line something written by me. By getting to know my characters, they will be become acquainted with me because a piece of me is in every character I create. A part of me will remain tangible long after I've passed into author heaven. With that said, I give you a glimpse into Designer Genes, through my characters eyes:

THE PROGRAM. A government controlled matchmaking conglomerate, and the essence of evil against innocence.Marli Davis – Pink-banded with 4 diamonds

Seventeen years old and my destiny’s already decided, and not by me. I’m a prime candidate in The Program, a government based matchmaking service, designed to align young adults of equal caliber, hoping they’ll fall in love, marry and produce babies with perfect genetic markers. Babies to be cloned. So far, no one has ever produced a perfect child. But that was before I became part of the “greater purpose.”

Grandma Davis and Mom apparently believe in my potential, illegally forging my father’s signature on my acceptance papers and landing me in the middle of a surreptitious world. Soon I discover that fighting for my independence may cause me to lose it, along with my heart, to Jordan Mason, the gorgeous blue-banded candidate selected as my soul mate.

However, while Jordan spends time making up his jealous mind, his twin brother, Jesse, yellow-banded and the definition of forbidden, plays devil’s advocate, pushing my mind and body to the limit. If being delightfully sandwiched between brothers in a dangerous “game of hearts” isn’t enough, my impetuous temper, fueled by the drama created by the Mason brothers, pushes me to accept an interview with Douglas Peterson. His wily charms completely drain my well of will power, waging war against my suddenly overactive teenage hormones. What I don’t realize is the dreamy Douglas Peterson is the son of the power hungry enemy of Jordan's and Jesse’s father.
Jordan Mason – Blue-banded with 5 diamonds
My life is perfectly orchestrated to my liking. I’m currently attending Cornell University, just two years from graduating with my medical degree. Although I have personal reservations about the whole cloning process, I’m part of an elite team solely assigned to successfully clone a human.

I’m also not a fan of The Program or this arranged relationship crap. Then I receive a picture on my cell from my twin brother, Jesse. Marli Davis, this seventeen year old girl from Maple Heights, Ohio, met with my mother this afternoon and Jesse coerced this girl, a talent he’s perfected, to go out on our yacht, snorkeling. Unexpected emotions stir within me when I see Marli’s picture.

At first I’m furious with Jesse, but anger quickly turns to jealousy realizing he is with this beautiful creature who is wearing a bikini barely covering her assets. My bones turn spongy and now, Marli Davis consumes my thoughts. Then I meet Marli when she actually falls into my life, landing in front of my Porsche one morning. After an hour in her presence, I can’t control myself and I kiss her. Right then, I realize I want nothing more from life than to hold her in my arms forever. Damn, I’m sunk.

Jesse, my lifetime nemesis has his sights on my future mate and my jealous rages only encourage him. The more I try to pull Marli closer, the more she fears losing her independence, running to the devil himself, to put distance between us. I can handle Jesse, but I’m blindsided by Douglas Peterson. When I discover he’s the candidate I dared Marli to interview with in one of my defiant outbursts, I feel completely helpless for the first time in my life.
Jesse Mason – Yellow-banded, formerly blue-banded with 5 diamonds
I love my life. I traded my blue band wrist shackle for yellow as part of plea bargain for a crime I didn’t even commit, saving my illustrious father from public embarrassment. I don’t give a damn. I have freedom and he has Jordan, my twin brother, to mold into his idea of the perfect son. Meanwhile, my best friends are my guitar and my Lear jet. Playing in a rock band and jetting anywhere I want allows me to forget all the painful memories life throws my way.

Like Marli Davis. Although I’m not sure I want her memory erased, regardless of how bad the empty hole in my heart, hurts for her. Holding Marli in my arms, feeling the warmth of her satiny skin against mine, her lips deliciously pressed to mine with hungry kisses begging for more, haunts me daily. Every nerve ending in my body aches with the desire to have her as my own.

But she never can be. Marli Davis is my brother’s property. Well, truth be told, she’s considered “property of The Program” and is assigned to my other half. Even though I’d sell my soul in a heartbeat for Marli Davis, I respect my brother’s feelings for Marli, which are deeper than he has yet to recognize.

But Prom Night put things to the test. Luckily, I do have scruples, despite rumors to the contrary, and I cared enough for Marli to say the right words and end things before they spun out of control. A split second decision, I promise you.
Douglas Peterson – Blue-banded with 5 diamonds
Sounds like a great plan. Do my father’s bidding and win the heart of an innocent, naive seventeen year old, who happens to be a prime candidate in this convoluted Program. My life’s a series of tests in striving to please my father.

Marli Davis responds to my request for an interview almost too quickly. My loving father discloses to me she’s technically assigned to Jordan Mason, and I don’t have the luxury of time to win her heart. I’m ordered to act fast, dazzle her with romance and take advantage of Marli’s inexperience with managing youthful hormones.

My research of Miss Davis on The Program’s database promptly helps me decide this assignment I’ll gladly give one hundred percent to. Marli Davis will be putty in my hands. When I’m through with her, Jordan Mason will be a distant memory.

When Marli walks out of the concourse doors at the airport, my knees go weak and my tongue slams the pavement. She’s far more beautiful in person and her quick wit, alluring personality, and mesmerizing sapphire eyes win my heart first. I’m the one dazzled.

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Joelene Coleman
Today's thought: Someone told me recently that "doubt" and "faith" cannot exist together in the same soul.