Wednesday, April 25, 2012


   A friend and great author, Tiffinie Helmer, has tagged me for "Lucky Seven." The rules of the game are as follows:

1. Start on the 7th line of the 77th page of your manuscript, and copy the next 7 lines to post.
2. Tag 7 other of your blogger friends to do the same.

It's a fun way to get a glimpse of an author's work, plus get to know a few of their favorite blogs to follow.  So here's my 7 lines from page 77 of Riley's Pond, my soon to be showcased young adult romance, told through the eyes of the boy who survived it.

"Funny Mom. Can't a guy get a little religion without it being national news?"
Jaxson looked up from his breakfast, visually checking off my attire. "Well, whoever she is, she's got your nuts in a vise if you're going to church."
"Jaxson!" Mom scowled. "Wouldn't hurt you to get your 'nuts' tweaked if it got you inside a chapel."
"MOM!" Jax and I cried in unison, shocked. She never called body parts by proper names, let alone slang references. In fact, if Mom had her way, we'd never know we had a penis.
She held her hands up and talked to the kitchen ceiling. "Why couldn't you have given me one girl?"

Scene set up:  Riley's new girlfriend and keeper of his lustful heart, is spending the summer with her grandmother who lives next door. Apparently, Granny, who we all know grandmother's have an instinctive seventh sense above motherhood, catches sight of a "hickey" placed very close to her granddaughter's heart, and decides "hell fire and brimstone" is what Taylor needs, not Riley, at least for twenty-four hours. Riley, on the other hand, is not about to sacrifice a day without Taylor and figures Grams won't kill him inside God's house. However, being only seventeen and on hormonal overload, he's ill-prepared for the "granny war" that attacks once "amen" is said.

Hard to tell much from seven lines, but hopefully, you get a "flavor" for the tone of the story. I love writing dialogue as a way to "color" my character's personalities, and Riley's Pond is chuck full of colorful characters. So? You're opinion? Something you'd read if you were seventeen again (or still are mentally, like me)? It's all right. You can be honest, just remember, Google-Earth will help me find you.

So, I now pass the challenge of the Lucky Seven to the following, whom I hope you'll pop over to see. They may kill me, but this is a way to say you're "IT" and let everyone get acquainted. Besides, it eases my guilty conscience somewhat for promising to do guest blogs, which I have not. Oh well, I promised my husband sex twice a day every day of his life when we got married. Ask him how that promise is working out.

  Calisa Rhose, author of Home, at

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  Doree Anderson, author of Waiting, who will kill me for this, but now she can use Lucky Seven as a way to tout her newest release at

  L.L. Muir (Lesli Muir) and yes, I have a death wish for tagging her, but she's got some great stories and this is the one I'm in the middle of right now and loving. Author of Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow check her out at

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  Sandra Bruney, author of Plotz, and about to release The Lunch Club

Product Details   Ruth A. Casie, author of Knight of Runes, and I'm thrilled also the soon to be released sequel

Also, because she so "graciously" sent Lucky Seven to me, please check out Tiffinie's website. Her newest book released today, Moosed-Up. She's also from my favorite state, Alaska and the pictures on her website are hers.

Moosed-Up (Romantic Alaskan Adventure)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I've introduced you to some new favorite authors. If not, don't kill the messenger (many have tried and failed I am). Later!