About Me

I live in breathtaking red rock country with my husband and my black lab "Toby." My "sign" is ARIES, and I should be the poster child for the RAM in the Astrological world. Color me RED for passion, energy, and yes, stubbornness, but add a splash of bright YELLOW for sponiety, creativity, and playfulness.

I take life as serious as I need to in the moment, but when I need to color it "my way," I pull out my darker than rosy colored glasses, adjusting the view or hue until I've got it perfect again. I don't want to live with regrets, so when I get a bee in my bonnet to try something new, I'm "balls to the wall" all the way.

My passion is writing, with reading following as a close second. When I need to escape life, I jump on my Harley Davidson in search of my new muse. I don't believe in "I can't," and have stepped so far out of my "box," I have no idea where it is anymore. Besides, I've never been comfortable with square - I prefer round....give what you can and the good will come back to you. Here's "winking" at you!