Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Currently humming to Heartbeat courtesy of Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger
(A delightfully sexy little tune...I picture Jesse whispering this tune in Marli's ear while he has her all to himself for a weekend in Park City, Utah - away from Jordan. Another beckoning glimpse into Designer Genes - "The Boyfriend Cut")

The wind is blowing, the air frosty. A full moon hangs on Heaven's branch and the stars glitter like diamonds against black velvet. A silvery glow illuminates patches of snow tucked between large pines and resting on rough boulders. The barren twisted branches of trees, naked in the winter night are silhouetted by the luminescense of the moonlight. The aroma of dead leaves, rich loamy earth, and pine boughs lace the chilly night air. A trail winds and curls through the forest and in the shadows edging the woods, beads of green, bright blue, and fiery red flash from the watchful eyes moving ghostily with my steps. Misty tendrils crawl along the black forest floor, wrapping my ankles like soft cold feathers. I push a wayward bough away and pause. A meadow of ice painted grass shimmers when a gust blows low and kisses the frozen shards. The air crackles and my skin pebbles when the hair on my neck pricks. Across the glowing field, puffs of mist rise from the nostrils of the black creature facing me. The musky scent carries on the breeze, swamping me with anticipation. The crisp grass crunches beneath the paws pressing in hard, deliberate steps. Magic weaves through the thick fur, transforming the black ruff to silky waves framing a face created into chiseled angles. Haunches turn to legs sculpted of lean muscle, carrying a body primed and ripped tight across a brawny chest and over large shoulders. His skin glimmers with a dewy sheen and his masculine scent wafts through me senses when his arms draw me into their embrace. Dark lashes fan his cheeks and he bends, brushing his full lips over mine, soft as the flutter of butterfly wings. My lips bloom under a second kiss, parting and inviting the delicious taste of his mouth capturing mine. My body leans into his curves, my fingers feeling his muscles ripple beneath their tentative touch. Heat surges through my veins with every pulse of my heart. But the edges of my dream ruffle, slowly tearing apart and fading away with the steady beep of the alarm on the night table. I pinch my eyes, willing myself back to the meadow, racing down the root laden path, only managing a few steps before it all disappears when the real world invades with the aroma of coffee brewing. A slight smile pulls the corner of my mouth. Another story is born. I think I'll call him Damien.

Writers never stop dreaming...

Have a day full of surprises and a night full of dreams.
As always, thanks for stopping by. Harley Brooks - one of many personalities inside Joelene

Looking for a real life happy ending to a horrible tragedy? Grab a tissue and hop over to Pen of the Dreamer at, my "cyber" buddy and talented author.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Current Listen:  Broken Dreams and Secrets courtesy of Ohio Avenue

I've been very "flighty" the past week, like a fairy searching for a petal to land on. My soul has been restless, my nights sleepless, my mood sketchy and unpredictable (apologies extended to all innocent victims). My thoughts are scattered, but my energy level is off the charts! I've decided my reaction to the "universe" is due to the new year. I'm standing in a doorway, looking over my shoulder at the Past, known and comfortable, whether good or bad. I'd molded into its shape, adapting to all the curves and angles. My head turns slightly and the view changes. I now face the Future, unknown and full of uncertainty. Changes are coming, and judging by my restless psyche, big changes. Fear and excitement kick the mass of butterflies already fluttering out of control (I may need to adjust my hormone medication) as I anticipate what lies beyond the mystic veil hiding my future. Change is hard but necessary. I'm still growing into what I'll become.

Therefore, I'm polishing my crystal bowl while my tea leaves steep, smelling the scent of sage and juniper from my smoldering smudge stick, and carefully selecting my three "angel cards," all in preparation of chasing away all negativity and welcoming only good karma to ring in the New Year. And just in case none of those work, I'll fall back on good old fashioned crossing fingers, toes, and yes, eyes (some things like chocolate look better in "twos"). 

Meanwhile, I lose myself in my passion and continue writing. I'm working on a re-write to the beginning of the second installment of Designer Genes and having a blast! Marli and Jordan's relationship is sailing stormy seas. My golden boy, Jordan, has got himself into some serious trouble when a ghost from his past manifests, and his blue band status in The Program is called into question. Instead of turning up the heat, Marli's frigid kiss goodbye leaves Jordan's lips suffering frostbite.

Stay tuned fans. Designer Genes - "A Perfect Size 5" (a working subtitle - suggestions?) promises to show you what happens when Marli and Jordan decide to go against The Program. Hint:  "The Program can walk away from you, but you cannot walk away from The Program," as quoted by a new dastardly demon Ryder Kirk.

As always, thanks for lending an "eye" my direction. Joelene, writing as Harley Brooks

Today's thought:  Kiss a frog. You never know when he'll turn into Prince Charming. And if he doesn't, you can cross it off your "bucket list!"

Special plugs to the new release NAUGHTY GODMOTHER by Chloe Cole. Checkout for more details and a fun glimpse.  Later friends!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011...I've been waiting.

Current listen:  The Man Who Can't Be Moved, courtesy of "The Script"

The year 2010 was a wild ride! Parts of it I will miss, but mostly, I'm glad to give it a swift kick out the door. I'm ready to embark on a new year loaded with lots of goals to break or make, and hopefully (all fingers and toes crossed) make my writing career my first career and no longer a hobby. Designer Genes - "The Boyfriend Cut" has been queried to prominent agents and I'm looking forward to forging a long term relationship with one of them. It was scary hitting the SEND button, but "no guts -- no glory."

Currently, I'm scrambling to polish the second book, already completed, but hasn't had a thorough edit. I ran into an dilema when I changed the ending of the first book. The beginning I previously wrote for the second, no longer works. My creative juices were stalled by the holidays and I'm now trying to "feed" them to come up with something amazing for the second, like I did with the first book.

Also, when I changed the name from The Program to Designer Genes, I was quick to come up with the subtitle "The Boyfriend Cut" which fit the first book perfectly. However, I'm struggling to find a clever "cut" of jeans to add to the second. Basically the second book deals with "what happens when...."

The relationships of the characters were formed in the first book, now they are dealing with their decisions and the pressures The Program is starting to impose. Also, a seductive red headed ghost from Jordan's closet makes an appearance, turning up the heat and putting Jordan in the hot seat. Jesse is waiting in the wings with open arms and Marli finds herself jumping from the fire into the frying pan. Of course the unexpected happens as it does in every good story and all players find their lives turned upside down when the unthinkable occurs. Love is put to the ultimate test and my characters learn a hard lesson on sacrifice. Stay tuned....

Today's thought:  Keep your heart open to change so it never turns to stone.
Happy New Year everyone!  Joelene