Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011...I've been waiting.

Current listen:  The Man Who Can't Be Moved, courtesy of "The Script"

The year 2010 was a wild ride! Parts of it I will miss, but mostly, I'm glad to give it a swift kick out the door. I'm ready to embark on a new year loaded with lots of goals to break or make, and hopefully (all fingers and toes crossed) make my writing career my first career and no longer a hobby. Designer Genes - "The Boyfriend Cut" has been queried to prominent agents and I'm looking forward to forging a long term relationship with one of them. It was scary hitting the SEND button, but "no guts -- no glory."

Currently, I'm scrambling to polish the second book, already completed, but hasn't had a thorough edit. I ran into an dilema when I changed the ending of the first book. The beginning I previously wrote for the second, no longer works. My creative juices were stalled by the holidays and I'm now trying to "feed" them to come up with something amazing for the second, like I did with the first book.

Also, when I changed the name from The Program to Designer Genes, I was quick to come up with the subtitle "The Boyfriend Cut" which fit the first book perfectly. However, I'm struggling to find a clever "cut" of jeans to add to the second. Basically the second book deals with "what happens when...."

The relationships of the characters were formed in the first book, now they are dealing with their decisions and the pressures The Program is starting to impose. Also, a seductive red headed ghost from Jordan's closet makes an appearance, turning up the heat and putting Jordan in the hot seat. Jesse is waiting in the wings with open arms and Marli finds herself jumping from the fire into the frying pan. Of course the unexpected happens as it does in every good story and all players find their lives turned upside down when the unthinkable occurs. Love is put to the ultimate test and my characters learn a hard lesson on sacrifice. Stay tuned....

Today's thought:  Keep your heart open to change so it never turns to stone.
Happy New Year everyone!  Joelene

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