Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Current Listen:  Broken Dreams and Secrets courtesy of Ohio Avenue

I've been very "flighty" the past week, like a fairy searching for a petal to land on. My soul has been restless, my nights sleepless, my mood sketchy and unpredictable (apologies extended to all innocent victims). My thoughts are scattered, but my energy level is off the charts! I've decided my reaction to the "universe" is due to the new year. I'm standing in a doorway, looking over my shoulder at the Past, known and comfortable, whether good or bad. I'd molded into its shape, adapting to all the curves and angles. My head turns slightly and the view changes. I now face the Future, unknown and full of uncertainty. Changes are coming, and judging by my restless psyche, big changes. Fear and excitement kick the mass of butterflies already fluttering out of control (I may need to adjust my hormone medication) as I anticipate what lies beyond the mystic veil hiding my future. Change is hard but necessary. I'm still growing into what I'll become.

Therefore, I'm polishing my crystal bowl while my tea leaves steep, smelling the scent of sage and juniper from my smoldering smudge stick, and carefully selecting my three "angel cards," all in preparation of chasing away all negativity and welcoming only good karma to ring in the New Year. And just in case none of those work, I'll fall back on good old fashioned crossing fingers, toes, and yes, eyes (some things like chocolate look better in "twos"). 

Meanwhile, I lose myself in my passion and continue writing. I'm working on a re-write to the beginning of the second installment of Designer Genes and having a blast! Marli and Jordan's relationship is sailing stormy seas. My golden boy, Jordan, has got himself into some serious trouble when a ghost from his past manifests, and his blue band status in The Program is called into question. Instead of turning up the heat, Marli's frigid kiss goodbye leaves Jordan's lips suffering frostbite.

Stay tuned fans. Designer Genes - "A Perfect Size 5" (a working subtitle - suggestions?) promises to show you what happens when Marli and Jordan decide to go against The Program. Hint:  "The Program can walk away from you, but you cannot walk away from The Program," as quoted by a new dastardly demon Ryder Kirk.

As always, thanks for lending an "eye" my direction. Joelene, writing as Harley Brooks

Today's thought:  Kiss a frog. You never know when he'll turn into Prince Charming. And if he doesn't, you can cross it off your "bucket list!"

Special plugs to the new release NAUGHTY GODMOTHER by Chloe Cole. Checkout for more details and a fun glimpse.  Later friends!!


Calisa Lewis said...

What a whimsical blog Joelene! And I happen to love Jordan and Marli.

Aw- thanks for the plug. An unexpectedly sweet surprise. I am now following you btw. :)

J. Coleman said...

What are cyber buddies for?? We need all the support we can get. Besides, I don't plug what I don't support. Her book sounds great! Later. :)