Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Currently humming to Heartbeat courtesy of Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger
(A delightfully sexy little tune...I picture Jesse whispering this tune in Marli's ear while he has her all to himself for a weekend in Park City, Utah - away from Jordan. Another beckoning glimpse into Designer Genes - "The Boyfriend Cut")

The wind is blowing, the air frosty. A full moon hangs on Heaven's branch and the stars glitter like diamonds against black velvet. A silvery glow illuminates patches of snow tucked between large pines and resting on rough boulders. The barren twisted branches of trees, naked in the winter night are silhouetted by the luminescense of the moonlight. The aroma of dead leaves, rich loamy earth, and pine boughs lace the chilly night air. A trail winds and curls through the forest and in the shadows edging the woods, beads of green, bright blue, and fiery red flash from the watchful eyes moving ghostily with my steps. Misty tendrils crawl along the black forest floor, wrapping my ankles like soft cold feathers. I push a wayward bough away and pause. A meadow of ice painted grass shimmers when a gust blows low and kisses the frozen shards. The air crackles and my skin pebbles when the hair on my neck pricks. Across the glowing field, puffs of mist rise from the nostrils of the black creature facing me. The musky scent carries on the breeze, swamping me with anticipation. The crisp grass crunches beneath the paws pressing in hard, deliberate steps. Magic weaves through the thick fur, transforming the black ruff to silky waves framing a face created into chiseled angles. Haunches turn to legs sculpted of lean muscle, carrying a body primed and ripped tight across a brawny chest and over large shoulders. His skin glimmers with a dewy sheen and his masculine scent wafts through me senses when his arms draw me into their embrace. Dark lashes fan his cheeks and he bends, brushing his full lips over mine, soft as the flutter of butterfly wings. My lips bloom under a second kiss, parting and inviting the delicious taste of his mouth capturing mine. My body leans into his curves, my fingers feeling his muscles ripple beneath their tentative touch. Heat surges through my veins with every pulse of my heart. But the edges of my dream ruffle, slowly tearing apart and fading away with the steady beep of the alarm on the night table. I pinch my eyes, willing myself back to the meadow, racing down the root laden path, only managing a few steps before it all disappears when the real world invades with the aroma of coffee brewing. A slight smile pulls the corner of my mouth. Another story is born. I think I'll call him Damien.

Writers never stop dreaming...

Have a day full of surprises and a night full of dreams.
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Christina Wolfer said...

Love the description. Damien sounds sexy and intriguing. BTW, great colors on this blog.

Calisa Lewis said...

I love 'snippets'! Thanks for another wonderful scene, Joelene. I'm glad you visited my blog this post. As you can tell, very near and dear to my heart. Even the comments are making me cry!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

This would have been a perfect example for our class!!!! ;)