Monday, June 14, 2010


Current listen: No Ones Gonna Love You by Band of Horses

My iPod is my oxygen tank. Diet Coke and plain M&M's are my food pyramid.

Welcome to my crazy world . . . by clicking onto my blog, you have become a passenger on my wild ride. If you listen carefully, you'll hear the "$7.50 an hour" monotone voice enthusiastically (not) announce: "Keep your arms inside the ride until it comes to a full and complete stop . . ." I'm still waiting for the full and complete stop.

Here I am writing my first "post" into cyberspace. I have my rubber ducky inner tube secured around my waist and I'm standing on the edge of the diving board while far below, the voices call "it's okay - jump!"

My first time snow skiing, my dear friend who claimed to be an avid skier (and being my first time, she could have claimed me she'd won a gold medal and I'd have believed her) told me all I needed to do was point my tips to the bottom of the mountain and push myself off. I have a faint recollection of her snickering as she swooshed off to catch up with some cute boys who'd ridden the lift in front of us (thank heavens, they'd missed the whole "falling off the lift" stunt I'd perfected. F.Y.I. it is really deep powder at the base of the lift house). Her "words of wisdom" were my first real encounter with "it's okay - jump!"

I did as she instructed, inhaling a deep breath and pushing myself off. Dear Lord, where did all the people come from at the bottom of the hill?! I screamed my hysterical warning for all of them to quickly jump to safety and aimed for the tree that would cause me the least physical pain. A few brave fools (none of which were my BFF) came to my rescue, while others, dressed in their expensive Lycra bodysuits skied by, giving me new "nicknames." (I've been called a few of those "nicknames" at various times throughout my life.)

So here I am, ready to jump into this new world of blogging, in hopes of promoting myself to those in the "publishing game" who may want a closer glimpse of me, and for those who are merely along for "the ride", stick around. I've discovered when God needs a good laugh, all he has to do is point his finger my direction. Stay tuned . . .

I am a new author, specializing in the Young Adult Romance genre, currently "dystopian or urban fantasy." I completed a manuscript the size of "War and Peace" (before it was edited) about 8 months ago, and have been painstakingly editing almost every day since. "The Program" is now two completed books and the first part is almost ready for presenting to the literary agency arm of "the publishing world." I welcome advice, shared experiences, or helpful hints to taking the steps necessary to see my dream of publishing my story, come to fruition. For those of you who are starting and happened (probably by accident) to follow the little "hand" to my blog, I hope through my experience, I can help you further yourself in accomplishing your own goal. If not, I hope you come back, even if just for a laugh. I'm cheap entertainment.

The past two years have been the most joyful, exhilarating, frustrating life experience. And I'm just getting started! I'm in awe of any of you who have already accomplished the insurmountable task of getting published. Writing the book was easy!

I feel like a baby bird that's been watching the shadows move around outside the glowing bubble safely encasing it, until it needed something more. The want to discover what made those "shadows" encouraged this bird to peck away at the fragile existence surrounding it, cracking it enough to let the light peek through. Finally, being brave enough to actually shatter the shell and spread its wings wide, it felt the breeze of "freedom" lift beneath, encouraging the bird to walk out on the limb. With a heart pounding strong, this baby bird listened until it heard "it's okay - jump!" and instead of falling as it thought it would, this bird soared.

My thought for today: Never give up on your dreams . . .


Karla said...

This "baby bird" is a falcon. Sharp-witted, farseeing, creative and witty. Watch Joelene spread her wings and fly!
One of her First Pack o' Fans

J. Coleman said...

"Check's in the mail."

Sascha Ovard said...

Woooooo whooooo!!!! I am so proud of you and I know this is only the beginning to an amazing journey! Thank you for the privelege of sharing with me the good, bad, and the ugly of a new author. You inspire me, make me laugh, and I can't wait to see where the ride takes you next. I will be buckled into the seat next to you.... (I already bought my ticket and it's non-refundable). I cherish our friendship! Congrats!!