Saturday, February 12, 2011


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VALENTINE'S DAY.  A day we celebrate "Love." Red roses, dark silk chocolates in glittery red heart boxes, and expensive cards filled with someone else's words...not ours. Oh we sign the card, but how many of us "writers" write our cards?

Remember elementary school and homemade "valentines" we created because we had no money to buy them? I'm guessing a lot of mother's have a shoebox in the closet or in the cedar chest, full of misshapen hearts with little one's terms of endearment. So what happened in between? We write hundreds of pages of romantic scenes and lip blossoming kisses, but rush right out and buy Hallmark's best, instead of writing our own. I must confess. My store bought greeting card is tucked inside the nightstand drawer awaiting Monday.

Below, in case I've guilted you into creating  your own romantic token but you suffer writers' block, are enlightening sayings written by my favorite (and non-liable) author:  "Anonymous."

"Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."

"My love for you is a journey; Starting at forever and ending at never."

"I tell you I love you every day for fear that tomorrow isn't another."

"The most eloquent silence is that of two mouths meeting in a kiss."

"No three words have greater power than 'I Love You'. "

Now let's talk about the "Valentine Gift." Here's where I get to have fun, and if my "peeve" is your "preference," please don't be offended. My intention is lighten not darken.

Pet peeves
1.  Heart shaped jewelry. Seriously. Are you really going to wear it after Valentines Day? Maybe if it's crusted in several carats of diamonds, big enough to look tacky and heavy enough to strangle. Then yes. By all means, "surprise" me.

2.   Sexy lace "teddys." For you. Right. It's like I want to say "Oh honey! How did you know I was dying to wear sheer red lace over my pasty white body (it's winter for heaven's sake) so my cellulite thighs can be enhanced by that comfortable piece of satin dental floss tucked between my dimpled 'cheeks'?" Pass me the grenade, but keep the pin.

4.  Stuffed animals. Loved them when I was fifteen; the first token of love from my pimply faced boyfriend whose voice was higher than mine. Smiled affectionately at sixteen because my boyfriend had a part-time job or bigger allowance so the fluffy gift was at least larger. At seventeen, my teeth ground together, knowing my boyfriend had put enough thought into finding the last one tucked on the shelf, that he forgot to remove the tag on his way over to pick me up for our date. At eighteen, a stuffed animal meant "something more" and was usually holding another "teddy." It was also a "parting gift."

1.  Roses. Always a safe bet. While red roses are traditional, yellow roses call to my playful side and brighten any spot they're placed.

2.  Diamond rings. The larger the better. Need I say more? (Cupid will be greatly rewarded .)

3.  Dinner out and a romantic movie with a bucket of popcorn and a large bag of M&M's. (Cupid will get "lucky" later.)

4.  Shopping for clothing (other than lingerie) or furniture, without gasping for air or clutching a heart when the final tally is rang up. (Yep, a guaranteed "happy ending.")

5.  Hire me a weekly housekeeper. (Cupid will be horizontal for as long as that service is employed.)

But in the end, whatever my Cupid decides to do in my honor, I'll be thrilled with. Yes, even a lace teddy. A sense of humor is essential in a relationship, and me wearing one of Victoria's "secrets" will generate a gut busting laugh for sure! In the end all that matters is that he still considers me his "Valentine."

Love expressed in any manner, said in any language, and felt inside your heart, is wonderful. Hope your Valentines Day leaves a romantic memory that brings a private smile to your lips when it passes through your thoughts later.  Here's to a "hole in your heart" from Cupid's arrow. 

Thanks for spending a few moments. Harley Brooks, the lust crazed hopeless romantic stuck inside Joelene's head.

Thought for today:  You have to give "love" to receive "love." Pay it forward.


Christina Wolfer said...

Such a wonderful post. You and I think so much alike especially when it comes to gift giving. And yellow roses, for me, are the perfect gift. But I'm good if he doesn't get me anything at all. What's important is that he loves me everyday of the year.

You are such a talented writer. Happy Valentine's Day!

Loretta said...

Joelene...sitting here with my chocolate coffee and trying not to snort it as I laugh.Does Harley have a BFF? If not, I want to apply!:)
I loved it all (and am borrowing some of your anon's...hope that's ok? You'll see them whiz by on FB this week!)
Now, this teddy thing. I've lived that. Recently. Sigh. But, I will say, my hubby was in ecstasy...of course, I think his sight's goin', but it made his day, errr night. So gal's if you get one, just find something to bite on and put the darn thing on. Walk out in it, pose, and then hit him in the eyes if his vision is still good. You can tell him he had an epiphany.:)
I had a great laugh, Joelene!...which is wonderful on a "crisp" tundra-like morning:)
Happy pre-Valentine's Day gal!:)

J. Coleman said...

Thanks gals! I love to paint "visuals." Yes, even a verbal acknowledgement of love works for me. If it comes from my husband all the better!