Friday, May 13, 2011


The "lucky" tune tonight:  The One That Got Away courtesy of Katy Perry

Today is Friday the 13th - the only one of its kind in 2011, which makes it unique. Or does it? I must confess that nothing fantabulous or disastrous happened in my small hemisphere today. But I did feel slightly edgy. Editing into the wee hours of the morning may be more the culprit than anticipating a day doomed to catastrophe and failure. However, the moon is waxing at 75% so maybe its my need for a handsome shapeshifter or a cold lover with exquisite dental work making me restless. Oooh. Just the thought....

Friday the 13th is among the throng of superstitions, myths, and misgivings that unfortunately, we subconsciously submit to. It is also the most popular superstition in the United States. So are you superstitious soul? When you stride down a sidewalk do you catch yourself purposely stepping over the cracks, go around a ladder in your path, quickly throw salt over your left shoulder if you spill it, to ward off a demon? Does a shiver shimmy up your spine when a black cat crosses in front of you, pausing to lock a gaze from glowing emerald green eyes?

I must confess that the "broken mirror" myth may have merit. I used to place my Christmas tree over a large mirror and create a village scene beneath, letting the mirrored glass poke through the angel hair here and there for my imaginary river or ice skating pond. However, one particular year while placing my "Better Homes and Garden" creation on top of my tree, I lost my balance and stumbled off my stool, landing on my mirror...and cracking it. The next seven years proved challenging. I gave birth to surprise twins, forcing me to quit my high-paying job and drastically curbing our financial lifestyle. My husband contracted Epstein Barr, which lasted nearly five years, and my "soul sister" and grandmother died, leaving a void in my heart that never has completely healed. So when I clean mirrors, I use extra caution, say long prayers and confess all sins before squirting cleaner on the glass. With that said, and an earlier post of particular dislikes, you may want to bring your own mirror when visiting.

The superstitions or "cosmic traditions" I prefer to call them, that I adhere to, carry positive connotations. I wish upon a star every night, and if there's a cloud cover, I face North and imagine the tip of the Big Dipper, pointing me to one of my favorite places, Alaska. My heart races when I spy a shooting star, allowing myself as many wishes as I can think of before it fades out.

I indulge in my horoscope every day (I'm the poster child for Aries, although a pinch of Picses seeps in once in a while), relish in my numerology reading (strong 7) and Chinese horoscope (I prefer "Ram" to "Goat"), and love to shake my Eight Ball with important questions like "will an agent call today?" I'm beginning to think that floating piece of paper that insures "most definitely" may be stuck to the bottom. When I go for Chinese food, I commit a felony and steal an extra couple fortune cookies, in case I don't like the first, I have a couple more chances at getting the "truth." If anyone knows of a good psychic close to Southern Utah, send me a number. Mine moved to Tennessee. Great lady and a lot of fun.

Next to anything dipped in chocolate, "fun" is my goal for life. Laughter heals, while it may not "cure," at least for one flickering moment, you don't give a damn and feel happy. It takes less muscles in your face to form a smile than to hold onto a frown. I'm all about using the least amount of muscle in my face!

So how was your "Lucky 13" day? Hopefully, it was dull and boring, or delightful enough to savor as a memory. Signing off to work on saving another superhero. 

Thanks for waving....Harley Brooks, the lucky side of Joelene.


Lesli Muir Lytle said...

My grandfather would fly across the room to stop a bumped rocking chair from rocking. I was told it invites ghosts to have a seat and stay a while.

I've always been very superstitious. Black Cats, Cracks in the sidewalk, and lots of stuff I didn't know came from my Scottish grandfather. They just seemed natural to me, like crying like a baby at the sound of bagpipes.

I even made up my own when I was young. I told my friends my husband's name would have exactly twice the number of letters as my name. AND IT DID! But then again, I was sure I was going to die at 19. You'll be happy to know I was wrong there.

If I heard a car coming up behind me, I'd pick a spot in the distance and say "if I don't reach that spot before the car passes, I'll drop dead." Hell, I was a fun kid.

Calisa Rhose said...

My daughter called yesterday and asked if anything weird had happened to me. I told her nope. All's boring here. She went on to tell me about a crazed inmate they brought in and a couple of other strange happenings. Nope, still nothing here. Then while reading your post I remembered two things that had happened. Hubby left the key on the van on all night and the battery was dead, making us late to meet sil for work. (While I go babysit my two g-babies). Then, a mile from home we crossed a black cat's path- in the middle of nowhere. I had had that 'yikes, black cat' feeling and let it go- forgot about it. Easy for me at 6:30 am with no coffee yet. :) A job we were supposed to start later that day got postponed (I didn't want to go to the job) and I was offered a sanctuary for my old horse if his arthritis doesn't improve to allow him to be rode again. With our upcoming move he has to remain behind to be cared for by niece.

I think I'm more like my mother than I thought. Friday the 13th was always her lucky day. While I cringed safely at home, she went out on those Fridays because 'good things will happen'. They did for me this time.

Cindy A Christiansen said...

Great blog.

I’m not that superstitious (knock on wood). I feel that God watches over me on the 13th of Friday the same as any other day.

To Lesli I say, “You know they have medication for that.” (LOL)

When my son was five-years-old, he was told at a family reunion that if he drank from the water fountain he’d die when he turned ten. For the next five years, he went through serious counseling, but nothing and no one could convince him he wouldn’t die.

The night before his tenth birthday, he never went to sleep for fear he’d die. He was a nervous wreck, but he didn’t die.

Life can be hard, but sometimes we create our own misery.

J. Coleman said...

For some reason at 17, I believed my date of death would be age 43. I never told anyone, but the that whole year I was paranoid. I wouldn't travel any farther than I had to, and went for a physical twice that year. The day I turned 44, I felt like a 100 lb weight had lifted from my shoulders. We are our own worst enemies.

Sandy B said...

My grandmother told us to leave a house by the door we came in or bad luck would come to the owners ... I still do that, and also feel it is bad luck to start a trip and turn back. If I forgot something, we leave it behind. Silly, but some things you can't shake.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Friday the 13th was unlucky for Blogger! I believe The Father is bigger than any curse or unlucky omens. You have a fun blog, Roland

J. Coleman said...

Thanks Roland. I saw there were all kinds of technical issues plaguing the web. Maybe it's not all a myth? Think I'll still avoid ladders, and the number "13" all together. Reading everyone's superstitions gives a few more to contemplate! Thanks for stopping by.