Saturday, September 10, 2011

PAY IT FORWARD...A "life sentence"

Lots of blogs will be posted in remembrance of the events ten years ago, when two beautiful buildings literally dropped from the sky, taking thousands of innocent souls to a fiery death. The Pentagon, where a hole blew through the fortress, ending coffee breaks, meetings, chats at the water cooler, and the occasional salute in the hall...permanently. And while those images are the ones posted year after year, the heroes who knew their fate when they discovered the bomb they flew in was headed on a third path of destruction, are the ones rarely mentioned, although far from forgotten. The brave passengers on board United Flight 93.

Imagine discovering you were about to be a participant in a murder. The taking of innocent lives, knowing yours would be destroyed as well. Cell phone in hand, you get one call. One last call before you cross the threshold to immortality. Who do you call? What do you say? Is there someone you need to beg forgiveness from? A harsh word said right before you left? Is there someone needing the forgiveness you've selfishly denied them out of stubborn pride? A child you unnecessarily rebuked in a rushed moment out of frustration? "I love you" hardly seems enough. At this moment, you write your own epitaph...the etching of your gravemarker. "Here lies _________________. A man or woman of ______________ whose last brave words or acts were _________________."

Life is too short to live with regret. Ask the survivors of those whose lives were unjustly interrupted and forever altered on September 11, 2001. We can't always be cheerful, loving, and supportive. Sometimes a fuse "blows" and our circuit needs to be reset. But one thing we can be, is "kind of heart." Greet each person you meet during the day with kindness, even if inside you're momentarily fighting demons. If you are curt with someone, even a stranger, they, in turn, may reflect "you" on someone else. Let that reflection be favorable...not negative. You are a pebble in a pond, the ripples endless. Each of us is serving a "life sentence." No one knows for how long, or when our "number" will be called, but during the duration of our mortality, we are responsible for the "pay it forward." Make sure your etched epitaph left behind, is one you can be proud of. You never know who'll "read it."

I have a couple of writing colleagues whose wonderful stories have recently been published. Here's a "pay it forward" to acknowledge their well deserved glory for a job well done. Also, I hope the links work for their book trailers, because they're awesome.

"Two Brothers" by Christina Wolfer;  
Book trailer:
When Jacob takes eighteen year old Amanda up on her offer to share his bed, but rejects her from his life, she makes a choice with her shattered heart. A choice she'll regret. She runs a way and marries his younger brother. Ten years later she returns to her hometown ready for a fresh start at life and hopefully, love. But you can't start something new, if the past keeps getting in the way.

"A Muse Gone Rogue" by Kacey Mark

When a demonic attack leaves one child without a mother, Marie Durrant throws out her predictable lifestyle to become the little girl's nanny. It's a big enough step for the virtual shut in, but even more difficult when Marie becomes inexplicably attracted to the mysterious widowed father, who happens to be the most powerful muse west of Mt. Olympus. 

Quenton Blake is an extra hunky, extra irritated immortal, cursed to seek out those desperate for inspiration and feed on their souls. There wasn't anything wrong with saving Marie's soul for dessert, but his sweet tooth has a way of overriding his good judgment.

Thanks for stopping by. Remember my writing friends...the best way to support each other, is to buy books! What goes around...comes around.  

Joelene / Harley Brooks


Patricia said...

Thank you for that post. You turned the story of 9/11 into something positive for each of us reading it. I believe in paying it forward with each person we meet. Thanks for the reminder.
Patti or said...

Great post, Joelene. Smile, if someone doesn't return it, at least you've given them something to remember later on. Or, they probably just needed yours because they couldn't find their own.

J. Coleman said...

I like that thought - "needing yours because they can't find theirs." Besides, it takes a lot less muscles to smile than to frown. Something to think about as we "age."

Calisa Rhose said...

Beautiful post Joelene.

Congrats Christina and Kacey on your new releases! I'm anxious to read Two Brothers now that I've finished my latest read.

Sandy said...

The support between our writer friends is amazing. Can't hug you all in person, so will give a hug to someone today and think of you.
Sandy B

Christina Wolfer said...

Thank you, Joelene, for a beautiful post about 9/11 and for posting my release.

I can only imagine the horrific emotion the people who were actually there or lost love ones that day. I've cried the last few days just listening to the stories.

I, too, like the thought of someone else needing our smile because they couldn't find their own.

Thanks again, Joelene.

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Thank you for this post.
It can get depressing watching all the news reply that horrific day.
It's good to have something positive to focus on.
The pay it forward to our friends is another testament to your kindness and their talent. Hope survives.
Loved it!