Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Tonight's listen:  "Princess of China" by my fav, Coldplay with the vocal help of Rihanna

DAY 8??? Where the hell did I disappear to? I'm going to use the excuse that an alien ship landed, scooping up all the beautiful and sexy people, and I didn't get a chance to say "goodbye" to you. You buying it? No? Why not? Because I'm still here. Either I was rejected or ejected, or I lied. I hate rejection, so I confess to the latter.

Actually, I don't know what's happened the last four days. Perhaps the New Moon is causing havoc, but my brain is mush, and I haven't hit the midway point yet. I'm already "slumped." My story is all over the place. It's like writing a patchwork quilt. And "potty mouth" vanished! My heroine, Zoe, walks into class where she shares a table with the obnoxious Mr. Callahan, and he's gone. Even I don't know why. Hopefully, in one of the other patches I'm writing, the mystery will be solved.

I'm back at it tonight, after spending the past few days in various stages of life happenings. My husband looks at me with puppy dog eyes, wanting company to watch a movie; my kids drop in to visit (hoping I'm fixing something to eat); Dad calls to chat; I grace the doors of my church, hoping the ceiling will stay intact (uh-hum, it's been a while); and then there's the day job that pays the bills. 

Word count was soaring at one point, showing me crossing the 50,000 word finish line in record time, but now hovers at the bench mark to barely squeak by on the 30th. Last count was this morning was 13,052. Let's hope something sparks tonight! I need another 2,000 to keep me on track. Later...but I promise, not "4 days later."

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