Sunday, November 13, 2011


Crying to "Ghost" by We Were Kings
Lack of sleep makes me "weepy" as well as "sleepy." Wrote a traumatic scene today involving my colorful Tom Callahan. More so than a murder you ask? Sadly, yes. Child abuse is very real, and in my line of work, I've seen and heard too much. Being a young adult story, and me an author who doesn't really like to write vivid details of such things for the reason I just stated, I choose to put my readers in the spectator seat after the act has happened and let them watch how my characters deal with the aftermath. Tom told me his guarded secret tonight, but it was kind of hard to avoid. Telling the story in first person through Zoe's eyes, I saw the swollen face, the deep bruising around one eye, and a lip plumped three sizes too large. Tom stepped between a drunken stepfather and his mother who was about to be on the receiving end of temper tantrum, taking the beating for her. Boys are very protective of their mothers. Tom escapes to Zoe's house when his becomes too dangerous. His mom has disappeared, leaving Tom no choice but to contact his real father, exposing a seventeen year old secret with a scandal that promises to rock the community.

I just don't know if Tom's mother is dead or alive? If she's dead, the connection between Tom and Zoe could prove to be an interesting storyline, pushing the "planned" script sideways. If she's alive, the possibility of a positive turn of events could enhance the ending already plotted. Hmm. We'll see what shapes up.

Okay, I'm off to bed. It's past midnight, my left eye is twitching, and the dog just farted. I need to leave the room immediately! "Nite all." 

Final word count for day twelve:  22,236

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