Sunday, November 13, 2011


Current listen:  "Summer Girl" by Leighton Meester (from the soundtrack of the movie Country Strong)

Spent most of my writing time doing research today. I've picked the town of Sweet Home, Oregon, for my story setting. After locating the high school, I needed to find the library and get familiar with streets. In all my stories, water plays a big part in setting. Foster Dam proved to be just what I needed, sitting at the edge of Sweet Home and giving my characters a "play place."

So what happened to Tom's mom? In my last episode, she'd disappeared. I decided only one murder could be in this story (at least so far). Come to find out, according to Tom, when his stepfather and mom stopped for gas, she escaped.  Stepfather's character has ran out of storyline, so he does the honorable thing and turns him self over to police...or ???

Today's grand total is 23,790 words. A little less than I'd hoped for, meaning I'll have to do double time tomorrow. In a writing challenge with author friend and mentor, Lesli Lytle. 26,000 words by Sunday the 27th. That means 2,000 words per day. I can do it...I will do it...I have to do it! Lesli will never let me live it down if I don't! However, if I do, that will put me over 48,000 with three days left to write the final 2,000. Good way to push me, too.

Also sent off DESIGNER GENES to an agent this morning, so all in all...a very productive day. Later!

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whatthehellbook said...

Are you writing a novel? I live in Sweet Home :)