Monday, November 14, 2011


Falling asleep to "Heartbreak Warfare" lulled softly by John Mayer

My eyelids are currently winning the battle to close. I usually am up much later, but tonight, my spark has fizzled. Only a faint trail of smoke carrying a few words remains. Finally called it "quits" at 25,212 words. My "Lesli Challenge," which sounded good yesterday...but not so good today, is showing a dent of 2,476 against the 26,000 I signed on for. I am my own worst enemy.

Tomorrow I'm shopping for various sizes of body bags. My family thinks I can continue to be "on demand" and I've decided to take matters into control. Next one infringing upon my writing time, will be "measured."

Last night my father, bless his heart (that takes all the bad karma away), calls me at 9:30 pm, to ask me for help in running his new dishwasher. Seriously. I asked him if he read the owners manual. My father is a modern day "Archie Bunker." His reply is that whoever wrote the manual didn't know how to run a dishwasher either...code for I did not read the owners manual. Already feeling a tad snarky, (Sundays are a day of constant interruptions) I replied that's why they paid him the big bucks to write the book. I also informed him I was in my pajamas with no intention of getting dressed and driving 5 miles to his house to show him the "on" button. He threatened to go to his neighbors house and have them come over. Didn't work. I'm so past "the guilt trip" or "guilt trick." Finally, he described the instrument panel on front and I walked him through what buttons to push. I realized he knew what to do, just needed a little attention. Life seems to take up a lot of empty minutes and I don't check in often enough. I'm not looking forward to growing old(er). 

I want to do a "Pay it Forward" to some writer friends with new releases:
Ruth A. Casie's Knight of Runes released today. Check out her delicious cover and scone recipe on

Loretta Wheeler, my picture of what a "Southern Belle" would be, released her new short story, "Dark Pleasures." Check Loretta out on Facebook (her hubby designed the cover) and

Christina Wolfer's second book "Undercover" released last week. Check out Great cover!

Cindy Christiansen's "Braving the Blaze" is a sweet romance involving a firefighter, a labrador, and a woman who likes to strike a match.

I'd download covers, but hey, right now my left eye is twitching and my right one is spinning freely. Got to call it a night. The yawns are widening, cracking my jaw and holding my breath hostage long enough to be considered a health risk!  Later friends.

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