Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NANOWRIMO - Day 15 - "Halfway there"

Current listen:  "When We Stand Together" a new tune from Nickelback and symbolic of this crazy world of writing.

Day 15, and we've hit the halfway point. Tonight's total word count: 28,656! I've also passed the halfway mark on my 50,000 goal, and 3,443 words into the "Lesli Challenge."

At this point, a lot of writers hit the wall--their creative muses suddenly go mute. Pep talks cover the NaNoWrimo site and write-ins are scheduled across the globe to kickstart the slump and rejuvenate the momentum you have to maintain to win this thing. It's amazing to see the support that rallies around writers through NaNoWrimo, and in my case, carries throughout the year from the various writing groups I belong to. Pose a question, give a cyber whistle or holler for help with a story, an agent, even a prayer when an author struggling on a personal level, and the support that pours out of these organizations is mind boggling. Most of us have never met in person, only through the "typed word," yet the relationships formed are every bit as binding. Amazing and somewhat intimidating talent is also prominent. Within this creative mayhem, I find personal joy, along with a few extra personalities taking up residency in my brain that I didn't know were there.

Sometimes, I am in the middle of creating a story, the words flowing effortlessly, the characters becoming more vivid and three dimensional with each chapter, when a muse suddenly cuts in front of me. I slam on my creative brakes and scratch my head, wondering what to do with the idea that's zipped from somewhere out in left field. Like today.

"Saving Grace," my current NaNo project is now two different stories, both fitting the title. One is not a spinoff of the other, but a whole new breed of animal, so to speak. I'm in the middle of an embarrassing "life moment" between current Grace and the colorful Tom Callahan when "new Grace" pops in behind my eyes, her voice clear and strong...telling a completely new story!

Here's her opening line, immediately catching my attention:

"Well, they definitely looked different taped to the outside of my locker. Wished I owned a pair of Victoria Secret panties, because the ones with the little yellow smiley faces, weren't going to do much for my reputation."

I spent the day delving into Sophie Mitchell's embarrassing first day as a sophomore in high school and the victim of senior prank. Another colorful somewhat dysfunctional family grew into the story, as well as the BFF who saves the day. Yep, the storyline remained strong until I finally shut it down. Now I'm writing two stories and hoping to get enough words out of both to meet the 50,000 mark. Then I'll split them into separate worlds. We'll see which one keeps the title, and who gets a new one.

Time to call it a day...or night. Later folks!

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Sandy L. Rowland said...

I haven't seen the latest movie, but will. The fourth book was my least favorite also.
It seemed as if her style shifted and it didn't read the same. Maybe it's just me.

It will be fun no matter.
Happy writing.