Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Current Listen:  "A Thousand Years" sang beautifully by Christina Perri

Signed off last night with 1,886 words, an edge above the required 1,667 needed to complete 50,000 in 30 days. Tonight, my final word count came in at 4,585 so far. "Banking" words ahead of time. The weekends always surprise me, and with turkey day preparations, my wedding anniversary, and the premier of "Breaking Dawn" I have tickets for, my word bank will be drained as fast as my savings.
The characters have already started changing the story, beginning with setting. Believe it or not, Sweet Home, Oregon exists, and Grant High School is now Sweet Home High, home of the Huskies, and school colors proudly waving in gold and green. Yep, that's where my head is so if you know of details related to this small town, pass them along to me.

Today's descriptive challenge: the smell of the inside of a school bus. Distinctive. Kind of like the subways of New York City, they have their own "scent." I came up with:  "Antiseptic and adolescent sweat, laced with the putrid odor of ancient vomit that seeped beneath the floor boards and no one found."

Wander through your childhood memories and share your description of the smell of the inside of a school bus with me. Did I miss something you could add? My hubby drives school bus parttime, so I gave him a cameo part. We'll see if he recognizes himself when he beta reads for me later. 

'Nite all. Got some cough medicine with codeine from the doc today, so I'm heading for the coma. Tomorrow is another day. I look forward to your descriptions. Thanks!

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