Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NANOWRIMO - Let the writing begin.....

Day one:  "Some Boys" courtesy of Death Cab for Cutie

Well, it's here. November 1st....
Twenty days to my wedding anniversary; twenty-three days until Thanksgiving and consequently twenty-four days preceding "Black Friday." It is also the beginning of NaNoWrimo - the exciting, wonderful, hellish month for which those authors who have signed on for the gruelling task, have until midnight November 30th, to download their project into the database to see if they have met the 50,000 word marker required to win NaNoWrimo for 2011.  Last year I clocked in at 6:00 pm with 53,700 words and two-thirds of my now completed manuscript, Riley's Pond.

Last night I downloaded my playlist onto my iPod, researched my "buddies" to follow and compete against, and mentally plotted the story I would conceive. Last year I tried plotting, and it wouldn't allow my mind to flow freely. Once I chucked the plot because the characters had a different story they wanted to tell, Riley's Pond took off. So this year, no paper plot. Just an idea and so far, only four characters. Others will jump on stage when their time to shine appears.

I also decided this year I would do a daily blog of my accomplishments, frustrations, and yes, failures. I have become addicted to social networking, which has proven, unfortunately, a huge drain on my creative time. It mostly serves as an avoidance tactic to my never ending edits. However, I am a person who needs "checks and balances" in place to keep me on track. Therefore, I will blog daily - short snippets to keep myself on task. Those faithful followers who are not up to my daily rant, you are excused. For those who hang on, I applaud you and wish I was filthy rich to adorn you in expensive thank you gifts. All I can do is offer you a glimpse into my daily escape into my new manuscript and perhaps a giggle or two. You know how my life plays out.

WACKY WEDNESDAY has been suspended a couple of weeks due to a cold and "pee your pants" cough that refuses to leave, despite my efforts to share my germs with unsuspecting passersby, but if I can squeeze one in somewhere I will. Do note that I promised my author friend, Calisa Rhose I'd do a guest WACKY WEDNESDAY on November 8th on her site, and I'll give you more details when the date gets closer.

Okay, epitaph closing now. I'm on to NaNo - ended at 7:00 this morning with 1,325 words and the beginnings of "Saving Grace" or "Fatal Serendipity." Haven't decided on the title. I'll give you little excerpts along the way (remember they are in such rough draft form you could get "cut") but at the end of the month, I'd like your opinion on which title .... or if you've come up with a better one, I should use. Credit will be given if I choose yours, I promise...BECAUSE I WILL BE PUBLISHED!!

Now, here's my blurb to the working title "Saving Grace"...

Living in the Witness Protection Program has its perks. No one knows your past, only the life you custom create. When seventeen-year-old Zoe Adams walks through the front doors of Grant High School, she leaves Grace Harrison and the life belonging to her, behind.  Immediately catching the eye of hunky heartthrob Branson Jacobs, Zoe starts spinning her web of lies. But when Devon Richards unexpectedly  transfers cross county with his family and enrolls in Grant High, he finds his missing girlfriend locked in the arms of another boy, pretending to be someone she's not. Devon threatens to expose Zoe for who she really is, unless she dumps Branson and returns to him. A choice that could prove deadly for her. Devon's uncle is the one responsible for Grace's identity crisis and when he discovers she is still alive and capable of fingering him in her father's murder, "Saving Grace" becomes a race both Branson and Devon find themselves running together, hoping they'll cross the finish line in time.

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